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During these unprecedented times, we are all figuring out how to modify our lives, business and operations to deal with COVID-19. As the new school year approaches, many state and district reopening plans have been released. These plans provide either general guidance or specific requirements that are necessary for reopening. Most reopening plans require increased ventilation or “flushing” buildings with fresh air.

While increasing ventilation is great for providing greater fresh air exchanges, this can also have unexpected impacts on occupant comfort, equipment performance and equipment safety.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) developed a special COVID-19 Epidemic Task Force to dispel information and provide guidance on HVAC system modifications.

Additionally, the State of Connecticut has issued Guidance for School Systems for the Operation of Central and non-Central Ventilation Systems during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Both of these guides recommend that a Commissioning Agent is engaged to review and modify the operation of HVAC systems and verify their proper and safe performance for reopening.  Using decades of experience, Sustainable Engineering Solutions has developed a systematic process for evaluating a facility’s HVAC systems and can assist Facility Mangers, Building Operating Staff and Building Owner’s with reopening their buildings. As no building is the same, we will tailor our approach to meet the facility’s current needs and desired reopening requirements. Contact us today for more information!


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