Project Overview

New London, CT – SES performed investigation services and troubleshooting at the Garde Arts Center as a preliminary step of a planned roof top air handling system replacement project.  The focus of this effort was to review the operation of the Trane control system for the two rooftop units (RTUs); one serving the main theater (RTU-3) and the other serving the lobby and oasis room (RTU-4); and to investigate the existing duct distribution on both systems.

The first goal was to identify issues with the building automation system (BAS) that controls each of the units, to determine what deficiencies exist within the BAS that should be corrected and identify any optimization strategies that could enhance the performance of the proposed new units as part of the overall replacement project.  The second goal was to review and identify any deficiencies within the existing duct distribution system of the two systems.

As a result of this process there were a number of deficiencies identified in both the BAS and in the duct distribution system of the units.

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