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SES has an excellent approach to problem solving and understands the priorities of the client. The energy consumption at our New Britain Courthouse was significantly reduced.

Michael Rice, Judicial Branch, Facilities Unit

As general contractors and construction managers, it is very difficult to accurately gauge the progress of BAS contractors. For that, we rely heavily on agencies such as SES to bring to light current and potential issues in order to minimize the impact to owners and end users.

Andrew Demado, O&G Industries, Inc.

SES demonstrated great technical and emotional intelligence when working with my project teams at various campuses. They were able to work with a diverse group of campus constituents with varying technical capabilities to communicate the goals of the RCx projects. SES was also able to engage the key project stakeholders to fully understand the campus operational logistics. From there they developed a long term, comprehensive solution that has the support of the key operational staff.

Chris Dupuis, CT State Colleges & Universities

SES has true professionals on their team. They are always looking out for your interests, making sure that all systems are operating as designed, at maximum efficiency. This is invaluable and money well spent.

Brian Goldson, New Atlantic Development

SES was very detailed and thorough in all aspects – their staff is excellent!

Douglas Solek, Town of Berlin Facilities

With renovation projects comes unforeseen circumstances that the design engineers could not have anticipated. On more than one occasion we have brought SES in to help us find a resolution that can presented to the design engineers for approval and implementation.

Andrew Demado, O&G Industries, Inc.

I’ve never come across another commissioning agency that positively engaged the installers in a way that made the entire team strive for the highest quality of the end product.

Thomas Hinde, Choate Rosemary Hall

SES went above and beyond their scope of work to coordinate teams for a discussion or meeting. Their communication was constant and reliable – always explaining the situation in detail knowing the client might not fully understand.

Antonietta DiBenedetto, CREC

SES has the capability to inspect and commission a wide range of building systems to give the end user the most efficient installation possible. They were extremely thorough – from submittal reviews to functional testing and end of warranty reviews with owners. Their commitment is unrelenting to each and every project, and as a result the projects benefit greatly.

Andrew Demado, O&G Industries, Inc.

SES has the ability to truly listen and understand the key project stakeholders challenges. From there they develop energy saving measures that are practical and acceptable to both the administration and operational staff.

Chris Dupuis, CT State Colleges & Universities

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