Project Overview

Waterbury, CT – SES served as the RCx Authority in charge of executing the Eversource-incentivized RCx process at Technology Hall on the Naugatuck Valley Community College campus. The Technology Building is a two-story facility consisting of variable air volume air handling units. Heating and cooling is provided to the building via the main campus plant distribution. Originally constructed in 2009, the building contains a variety of classrooms, computer labs, manufacturing labs, STEM labs, an automotive shop and a cafeteria. The first phase of this effort involved a survey of the facility, review of available building documentation and utility data, and interview of the building operating staff. The focus of this effort was to review the operation of the building’s primary systems and equipment and to identify potential RCx opportunities to improve the facility’s overall energy efficiency. Following the survey, SES performed a more in-depth investigation, determining the potential energy and cost savings of various energy conservation measures. The final phase of the project involved implementing the energy conservation measures and reporting on the energy and demand savings, implemented costs, and payback calculations. Overall the RCx efforts and implemented energy conservation measures resulted in nearly $35,000 in annual energy cost savings and a simple payback of only 3.3 years.

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