Since 2008, Sustainable Engineering Solutions has been delivering building systems and equipment that are efficient, effective, and finely-tuned. We’ve grown and learned a lot over the last 15 years, and while our commitment to our work and our clients is timeless, we felt it was time for a new look that reflects the ways we’re embracing our next chapter.

Our former logo represented a rotating globe – a symbol of power, knowledge, and movement. At SES’s foundation, the rotating globe reflected our persistence in the quest for knowledge, partnerships, new clients, and exciting projects.

We are pleased to share with you our new logo. It embraces a sleek, minimalist design and embodies a streamlined perspective that mirrors the key aspects of commissioning. At its heart, the check in the logo mark symbolizes our mission – ensuring that products are installed to the owner’s exact specifications, and systems are running with peak efficiency and synergy. Look at it from a different angle, and the checkmark transforms into a three-dimensional representation of a building, adding depth to our commitment in our work supporting the design, construction, and facility management industry. Take a step back and the logo resembles a power button – all systems go.

We’ve retained the green hues prominent in our original design – a nod to SES’s roots. The introduction of a deep blue hue infuses a modern touch, signifying our adaptability to an ever-evolving landscape. This calm, reassuring color reflects our unwavering support for our clients, in step with the ever-changing methods and regulations in the realm of building commissioning.

Our new look reflects how we’ve continuously refined our service offerings and internal processes since our inception. It demonstrates our growth, in that SES is constantly learning, adapting, and growing. It conveys reassurance – that we’re there for our clients, making sure their buildings and the systems that power them are operating correctly. It also nods to the ways we are able to seamlessly view projects through the lens of an owner, organizing their needs and crafting our deliverables in order to reach clean and satisfying outcomes. A check not only suggests project completion, but a job well done.

So despite the new look, our approach to serving our clients and partners won’t be changing. For the next 15 years and beyond, Sustainable Engineering Solutions will continue to do what we do best: Advocating for clients to achieve healthy and efficient buildings.