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Sample and Select: Determining the Scope of Envelope Testing


There’s no one size fits all solution for selecting and sampling envelope testing specimens. Each project is a different size with differing types of windows and owners with unique needs and goals. All these variables play a factor when approaching envelope testing on a project. Specifications might outline exactly how the testing should be [...]

Sample and Select: Determining the Scope of Envelope Testing2023-03-01T21:25:59+00:00

Short Term Tests, Long Term Benefits


When performing envelope testing, whether spray testing or adhesion testing, the results are clear immediately following the test. Same-day results could trick some into thinking that the benefits of envelope testing are short-term. However, most of the benefits of building envelope testing occur in the long term, as they provide peace of mind that [...]

Short Term Tests, Long Term Benefits2023-02-24T13:56:15+00:00

When A Test Fails Before It Begins


Building envelope testing is an important quality control measure for nearly all construction projects, but there are times when pursuing envelope testing does not make sense because it is not adding value to the project. More and more project leaders are testing their windows, roofs, and air-vapor barriers to ensure that their building is [...]

When A Test Fails Before It Begins2022-10-21T15:09:09+00:00

A Guide Through ASTM E 1186


What is it, which strategy is right for you, and how does this test benefit your building? ASTM E 1186 is a testing standard for air leakage as applies to building envelopes & air barrier systems. Air leakage is the cause for many concerns related to occupant comfort and indoor air quality. It also [...]

A Guide Through ASTM E 11862023-02-24T13:51:11+00:00

The Benefits and Uses of Infrared (IR) Thermography


Seeing the Invisible There are few instruments that can provide as much information in a short amount of time as the infrared camera. The IR camera offers a look at how heat energy is moving within a system by showing infrared radiation not visible to the human eye. Infrared thermography (conducted using an IR [...]

The Benefits and Uses of Infrared (IR) Thermography2022-09-30T12:11:28+00:00

Pushing the Envelope (Testing)


The building envelope can be thought of as a bubble that creates a physical barrier between the interior and exterior. This bubble is comprised of the walls, windows, roof, and foundation all coming together as one system. A poorly constructed envelope allows unwanted air or moisture movement (in or out of the building) that [...]

Pushing the Envelope (Testing)2022-09-30T12:10:49+00:00
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