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Connecticut State Building Code Commissioning


What are the Connecticut State Building Code Commissioning Requirements? Building and energy codes are constantly changing, evolving and often reference additional codes and standards. In the State of Connecticut, commissioning is not only standard good practice for construction but also a code-driven requirement in the Connecticut State Building Code. Like all codes, they often [...]

Connecticut State Building Code Commissioning2024-07-04T08:14:03+00:00

What is Building Commissioning?


Across the nation, various energy efficiency, sustainable and high performance programs require building commissioning to be incorporated into construction projects. Many national, state, and municipal codes also require commissioning. While engaging a design and construction team in a project is standard practice, commissioning still is often approached with ambiguity. Given how long commissioning has [...]

What is Building Commissioning?2024-07-04T08:14:33+00:00

When A Test Fails Before It Begins


Building envelope testing is an important quality control measure for nearly all construction projects, but there are times when pursuing envelope testing does not make sense because it is not adding value to the project. More and more project leaders are testing their windows, roofs, and air-vapor barriers to ensure that their building is [...]

When A Test Fails Before It Begins2024-07-04T08:14:40+00:00

Why You Should Select a Third-Party Commissioning Provider


As the field of commissioning has grown and evolved over the past 25+ years, it has become a valued component of building projects in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) industry. There are hundreds of highly respected and qualified commissioning providers throughout the country. Many of them are part of a team within larger engineering firms. When [...]

Why You Should Select a Third-Party Commissioning Provider2024-07-04T08:14:52+00:00

ECM Tip #10: Optimizing Variable Air Volume Lab Airflows


Laboratories, whether in a college/university, medical building, or research facility, are one of the highest energy-consuming functions in any building. Lab spaces require large amounts of outside air, have high air change rates, and in many cases strict space temperature and humidity requirements. The HVAC systems that serve these spaces typically operate 24/7, 365 [...]

ECM Tip #10: Optimizing Variable Air Volume Lab Airflows2024-07-04T08:15:03+00:00

ECM Tip #9: Supply Air Temperature Reset


When a multi-zone variable air volume (VAV) air handling system is designed, you might notice that the scheduled leaving air temperature of this unit is about 55°F. Why is that? The 55°F setpoint is based on the typical cooling space temperature and relative humidity (RH) setpoints commonly needed in buildings, which typically ranges from [...]

ECM Tip #9: Supply Air Temperature Reset2024-07-04T08:15:14+00:00

ECM Tip #8: Hot Water Supply Temperature Reset


When designing a building’s heating hot water system, determining the peak heating hot water supply temperature is a critical decision. These systems provide heat to air handling systems, perimeter radiation, radiant panels, fan coil units, reheat VAV boxes and other hydronic heating elements. The hot water supply temperature (HWST) must be high enough to [...]

ECM Tip #8: Hot Water Supply Temperature Reset2024-07-04T08:15:26+00:00

ECM Tip #7: Demand Control Ventilation


Implementing and Effective Demand Control Ventilation Strategy When an air handling system is designed, ventilation air requirements are one of the most important aspects. The amount of outside airflow (ventilation) required for a system is dependent on how the space is used. Does the air handling unit serve a gymnasium or an office building? [...]

ECM Tip #7: Demand Control Ventilation2024-07-04T08:15:39+00:00

ECM Tip #6: Optimizing Economizer Parameters


Imagine being in your home on a breezy, cool day. You’re cooking in the kitchen, kids are running around the house, and next thing you know, everyone is feeling a bit warm. What do you? Most people would open windows to cool down the house before turning on their home air conditioning system. This, [...]

ECM Tip #6: Optimizing Economizer Parameters2024-07-04T08:15:51+00:00

ECM Tip #5: Single Zone VAV Control


Converting a Single Zone Air Handling System to Variable Air Volume Control In the 1880s, Nikola Tesla invented and was granted a patent for his three-phase, alternating current induction motor, a device that was leaps and bounds more dependable than the direct current motors of the time.  However, it was not until nearly the [...]

ECM Tip #5: Single Zone VAV Control2024-07-04T08:16:02+00:00
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